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How to Buy a Property at Discount Prices in Virar, Vasai, Nalasopara. :

Different types of Discount Priced Property Deal .

Discount Sale by Builder Pre- Launching offers

Starting A New Project required huge capital investment and working capital to continue construction activity. For Established builders Banks provide Project Finance. But for New Builders Banks will not grant project finance .So they have to arrange finance by selling flats to investors at discount prices based on payment like 100% , 50% and 25% Each have a different , to complete a project it take 2-3 years it is a long periods builder calculate the interest portion and pass on the same to investors for example market rate is Rs.4000/- they sell to1 100% down investors at Rs. 3000/-. There are various exit point. Try to use a professional and real estate advisor to make bargain and get a better deal

Discount Sell By Investors.

If a investor brought property i discount price from builders, after the lock in period the existing investors try to exit the property in profit, Because new buyer have to pay more money that includes his investment + profit so practical again the investors sell property at discount rate compared to Builders rate. Most of this kind of deals are structured by Professional Brokers only.

Distress Sale By Investors.

Some investors want to exit the project at certain time due to their personal financial problem , unable to fund balance payment or getting better deal some even exist at par or loss. In this scenario you can get better discount.

Discount sell By Builders.

If market is not performing as per expectation by builders , it they need working capital to fund they may sell at discount prices. Most of this kind of deal are block deal and managed by Professional brokers.

Distress Re-Sale of Flats.

Due to the personal financial problem some people try to sell their property at discount prices , Most of this deal are going to Professional brokers . For this kind of deal buyer should be very carefull about legal scrutiny of papers and do every step with Help of Broker and a Legal Adviser. In certain cased the once his finance problem is solved with intial down payment. Seller feel relaxed and try to cancel the deal.

Action Flat By Banks.

There are not good apartment are auctioned by banks. Lot of people are looking to participate the probability the rates which we get close to the market rates.

The Author is a Real Estate Professional Having good Experience in property deal in Virar, Vasai, Nalaosopara, palghar areas.

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